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Living in Ventura Tower gives you an exceptional opportunity to live in luxury and a harmony lifestyle in the heart of the capital of Bahrain (Manama), where Ventura Tower is one of the most important modern residential towers that has an amazing panoramic Arabian Gulf view of the , opposite the famous Reef Island, and the financial harbour, to enjoy Watching the wide skyline of Manama, and the elegant city lights at sunset to live in luxury in your luxurious apartment that has been uniquely designed to give you the privacy and lifestyle you dream.

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Ventura Tower consists of 36 floors, of which 25 are frequent floors accommodating 305 luxury residential units Each floor includes about 12 housing units of varying sizes and views to meet your various needs, in addition to a service floor and a ground floor that includes a luxurious reception area, moreover it has a comprehensive floor for entertainment facilities and serviese and 8 parking floors that can accommodate about 310 cars.

36 Floor

305 Apartement Units

310 Car Parking


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